gwen's portrait
Photo by Jon Goell

My specialty is black and white documentary photography, including landscapes, architecture, and people. I try to focus on the beauty of change over time as shown through the effects of light and shadow. I am intrigued by texture, the geometry of design elements, and the compression of space.

I love black and white photography because it so strongly reveals form, design, expression, and pattern by removing the distracting dimension of color. Black and white photography also can render on paper a larger range of light and shadow simultaneously. I grew up with black and white pictures, and I enjoy continuing that tradition in my documentary work.

I have exhibited in over 100 shows, more than three-quarters of which were juried. Galleries showing my work include those at The Art League, Alexandria City Hall, the Athenaeum, Compagna Center, the D.C. Arts Council (Art Bank), Durant Center, Edison Place, Friendship Heights Center, Gaithersburg City Hall, Glenview Mansion, Kentlands Mansion, Light Street Gallery, Montgomery College, Rock Creek Art Barn, Touchstone Gallery, VisArts at Rockville, and Washington School of Photography.
Major shows include
  • Recent Immigrants, River Road UU Congregation, February 2012;
  • Geometry of Urban Places, Glenview Mansion, October 2011;
  • Rural America, Kentlands Mansion, August-September 2011;
  • Close to the Land, a solo show at the River Road UU Congregation Gallery, July 2010;
  • Construction Sites, a solo show at the Kensington Park Library, November 2009;
  • Moods of Nature, a 3-person show, at Holy Cross Hospital Community Gallery, June-July 2009;
  • Echoes of Spain, a solo show, at the Kensington Park Library, July-August 2008;
  • Shapes of the City, a solo show, at the Silver Spring Library, March 2008;
  • Dual Views, a 2-person show, at the Gaithersburg City Hall Gallery, August-October 2007;
  • Honor the Child, a solo show, at the Kensington Park Library, July 2006;
  • Patterns, a solo show, at the Bethesda Library, March- May 2006;
  • Beauty in our Surroundings, a solo show, at the Kensington Park Library June 2005;
  • Perceptions of Reality, a 2-person show, at the Art Gallery Grill, December 2004-February 2005;
  • Time Passes: Detail in Form and Texture, a solo show, at the River Road Gallery, February 2004;
  • Points of View, a 3-person show, at the River Road Gallery, June 2002.
Special Awards
Honorable Mention at Alexandria City Hall "Our Town," 2009. First in Show (2007) and Honorable Mention (2005) at the Campagna Center. Two Honorable Mentions (2011, 2005) from the Art League (2011, 2005). 1st and 2nd places in photography at the 36th and 35th Annual Community Art Shows in Chevy Chase (2011 & 2010). 2nd place in "Three Cheers for the Red, White, and Blue," Friendship Heights Village, 2004. 1st place in 2008, 2006 and 2004, 2nd place in 2005, 3rd place in 2007 in the Montgomery County Beautiful Photography Contest.

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Gleanings of a Lifetime by Sara D. Toney, 2008, cover photographs for book
"Requiem" by Clif Hardin, 2007, cover photograph for CD
"Community Newsletters Still in Circulation," Washington Post June 1, 2002, 2 photographs
"Avalon Theatre: Rediscover the Magic of the Movies," 2003, photos on pp. 21, 22, 23, & 28
The Potomac Review 39 (Spring/Summer 2005), photos on pp. 29, 93, 161;
      40 (Fall/Winter 2005-06), photo p. 160
CPR's The Voice for Women & Families issues 2002-2011
Insights (Spring/Summer 2006), photo p. 5

Photography Education
Field Museum, Chicago, documentary photography with Tom Hocker, 1983.
Glen Echo's Photoworks, since 1999, courses with Karen Keating, Danny Conant, Jim Steele, and Joe Cameron.
Montgomery College, Photography Department, 2000-05, three certificates in photography, a special assignment on composition, portrait workshop with Joyce Tenneson, and architectural photography workshop by Maxwell MacKenzie.
Santa Fe Workshops, 2000, black and white landscape photography with Alan Ross.
Shore Acres & the Oregon Coast Workshop, 2008 and 2010, landscape photography with Don Kirby and Stu Levy.

The Art League
Alexandria, VA
Washington Photo Salon
Washington, DC
Maryland Federation of Art
Annapolis, MD

February 10, 2012
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