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The display I've named "Calm Life" will be open through December at the Collington Retirement Community Center.

The mode of "still life" is not prevalent among photography displays. I have used both straight photography and digital composition in developing a show.

Samples are here.

The first step is to get to the Collington gate at 10450 Lottsford Road, Mitchellville MD. Get on route 202, Landover Road, going south. You can do that from the beltway using exit 17. (That is just south of route 50 to Annapolis.) Measuring from the beltway, the third traffic signal on route 202 is Lottsford Rd. Turn left on Lottsford Rd.

Note the first traffic signal, at Campus Way North, but continue and take the next left turn, without any signal. Discreet signs identify that road as Collington. Keep left to pull up to a visitor gate with an intercom. Press the intercom button (once). When "Security" says something, say that Dave Montgomery in 5010 expects you. The gate should open. Drive (past the separate Collington village) to the second gate; it should open automatically. After passing that gate, stay straight ahead to the community center parking lot. The following map locates the photo display.


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